Sudan Fact Sheet # 1, FY 2000

Source: US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Date: 02 Dec 1999


About 2 million people are estimated to have died in Sudan from fighting, famine, and disease since 1983. According to the US Committee for Refugees, more than 70,000 civilians died of war-related causes in the first half of 1998 alone.


Figures listed are U.N. Humanitarian Coordination Unit (UNHCU) and U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): 4 million, including 2.2 million in Khartoum and 1.8 million in the transitional zone and southern areas.

Refugees: 175,000 Sudanese refugees in Uganda, 80,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), 58,507 in Ethiopia, 32,000 in Kenya, and 35,500 in the Central African Republic. 311,400 Eritreans, 59,800 Ethiopians, and 18,900 refugees of various origins currently in Sudan.

Total FY 1999 USAID Assistance to Sudan $230,597,074

Situation Update


The USG has been providing humanitarian assistance to Sudan since 1988. On November 8, 1999, US Embassy/Khartoum Charge d'Affaires Donald G. Teitelbaum, who is based in Embassy/Nairobi, renewed the complex emergency disaster declaration for Sudan for FY 2000 and requested continued USG assistance to Sudan in FY 2000. Currently, the USG's humanitarian response to the emergency in Sudan is provided through USAID/OFDA, USAID/FFP, the USAID's Bureau for Africa (USAID/AFR), and the State Department's Bureau for Population, Refugee, and Migration (State/PRM). In FY 1999, the USG provided more than $95 million to Sudan, including $25 million provided by USAID/OFDA. The USAID/AFR-funded STAR program also provided $2.1 million to support capacity-building efforts in opposition-held areas, including approximately $1 million in sub-grants to Sudanese groups involved in milling, transport, and cooperative shops. Achievements under the STAR program include the Wunlit peace process and a conference on lessons learned from the 1998 famine in Bahr el Ghazal. STAR will be extended through FY 2002 and an additional $6 million will be added to the life of program for a new total of $13 million over the five-year period.

USAID staff in Washington work with the USAID/Regional Economic Development Services Offices and the USAID/OFDA's Africa Regional Office in Nairobi to plan and monitor relief and rehabilitation activities in southern Sudan and, in collaboration with USAID/Khartoum staff, to monitor activities in northern Sudan and GOS-controlled areas of the south.

BHR/OFDA Assistance:

BHR/OFDA supported the following activities in FY 1998:

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) emergency health, nutrition and water program in the Juba area: $973,485
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) food distribution and therapeutic feeding project in Khartoum: $1,542,548
ADRA primary health care project in Upper Nile: $797,186
Airlifts of relief supplies and other operational costs: $43,175
ACROSS primary health care and water project in Bor County: $442,076
American Refugee Committee health and water/sanitation project in Kajo Keji to benefit IDPs: $865,000
CARE agriculture and road rehabilitation program in Tambura and Bahr el Ghazal: $1,280,317
CARE food security program in Bor County: $851,857
CARE health project for Khartoum IDPs and response to meningitis outbreak: $1,700,000
CARE food security project in En Nahud camp in West Kordofan: $247,000
CARE/International Medical Corps sleeping sickness project in Western Equatoria: $300,000
Catholic Relief Services emergency operations project, water/sanitation and PHC activities: $2,392,698
Christian Mission Aid primary health project in Upper Nile: $600,000
CONCERN supplementary and therapeutic feeding program in south Sudan: $750,335
CONCERN seeds, tools and fishing equipment distribution program in Aweil West: $660,000
CONCERN seeds, tools, and fishing equipment distribution program in Nuba Mountains: $165,430
CONCERN local capacity building program in Yirol County: $326,351
GOAL primary health care project in Twic County, Bahr el Ghazal: $400,000
International Aid Sweden water drilling project in Bahr el Ghazal: $250,000
International Rescue Committee (IRC) basic primary health care in Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal: $1,647,185
IRC emergency water and sanitation project in Malakal: $450,100
MEDAIR food security project in northern Upper Nile: $321,100
NPA food and agriculture rehabilitation program for IDPs and returnees in Equatoria: $1,704,512
Replenishment of OFDA stocks dispatched to Sudan for floods: $254,325
Save the Children/US program to benefit IDPs in northern Sudan: $857,657
SCF/UK seeds and tools project in Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile: $400,000
World Food Program (WFP)/Medic road repair program: $700,000
World Vision International (WVI) emergency kit distribution in Bahr el Ghaza: $645,677
WVI emergency seeds and tools program in Tonj and Gogrial counties: $459,087
UNICEF food security project and OLS operations support: $2,866,068
UNICEF northern sector program in Wau, Bahr el Ghazal: $318,605
Veterinaries sans Frontieres/Belgium livestock program in Upper Nile: $305,000
Total FY 99 USAID/OFDA Assistance: $25,516,774

* USAID/FFP Assistance
In FY 1999, USAID/FFP contributed 67,330 MT of PL 480 Title II emergency food commodities valued at more than $67 million for distribution by ADRA, CRS, Lutheran World Relief (LWR), NPA, WFP, and WVI to war and drought affected vulnerable persons. This assistance included 9,380 MT of food commodities valued at approximately $3.8 million to support WFP refugee operations in Sudan. In addition, the US Department of Agriculture provided 111,930 MT of food worth $135 million of USG food commodities through WFP to Sudan in FY 1999.

Total FY 99 USAID/FFP Assistance = $202,887,300

* USAID/AFR Assistance
In FY 1999, USAID/AFR granted more than $2.1 million to CRS and UNICEF to support capacity-building efforts for indigenous organizations in opposition-held areas in southern Sudan.

Total FY 99 USAID/AFR Assistance = $2,193,000

* State/PRM Assistance
In FY 1999, State/PRM provided more than $92.4 million to the UNHCR and ICRC Africa-wide appeals, portions of which were used for refugee assistance programs in Sudan and for Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries. State/PRM also provided over $5.4 million to WFP for refugee feeding programs in Africa. State/PRM provided an additional $2.6 million to IRC and LWF to benefit mostly Sudanese refugees in Kenya and Uganda.

Total FY 99 State/PRM Assistance = $100,515,636*
* State/PRM funding to Sudan is regional and, therefore, cannot be included in total USG assistance figures in Sudan.

USAID/OFDA FY 1999 Assistance: $25,516,774
USAID/FFP FY 1999 Assistance: $202,887,300
USAID/AFR FY 1999 Assistance: $2,193,000
USAID FY 1999 Assistance: $230,597,074