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KAFI's STORY (55 mins)

'A film about an ordinary person in the so-called "third world" seen mainly through his eyes....  unlike TV which treats Asians, Africans and Caribbeans as victims of disasters...
an amazing film.' (Jan La Chard, BPExpo, presenting the BBC Documentary Award)

'A refreshing and original work full of warmth, humour and insight'. (Jury Amsterdam International Documentary Festival.)


Nuba Conversations - a film by Arthur Howes - is a follow up to the prize-winning Kafi's Story by Arthur Howes and Amy Hardie.

Nuba Conversations has been shown with critical acclaim at the Venice Film Festival in January 2000, the Pan- African Film Festival in Beverley Hills, California in February 2000, and the Paris Documentary Film Festival in March 2000.

Howes' clandestine journey in search of the Nuba people he knew and filmed ten years ago takes him to the shanty towns of Khartoum, to the Nuba Mountains where the Nuba resistance holds out, and to Kakuma Refugee Camp on the Kenya border.

'It is through an intimate relationship with Nuba friends, through their stories and songs, that this film speaks.  A celebration of the resilience, joy and culture of the Nuba people.' - Time Out

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