Anti-Slavery International (ASI)

Anti-Slavery International (ASI) is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, founded in 1839.   It promotes the eradication of slavery and slavery-like practices, and freedom for everyone who is subjected to them.

The abuses which ASI opposes include: slavery and the buying and selling of people as objects; trafficking of women and the predicament of migrant workers who are trapped into servitude; debt bondage and other traditions which force people into low status work; forced labour; forced prostitution; abusive forms of child labour; and early or forced marriage and other forms of servile marriage.

 ASI focuses on the rights of people who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation of their labour, notably women, children, migrant workers and indigenous peoples.

Anti-Slavery International
The Stableyard
Broomgrove Road
London SW9 9TL
Tel:44171 924 9555
Fax:44171 738 41 1 0

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