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Ngeth's children
1990's   Ngeth's children

"It was in the Southern Sudan town of Wau where my children: James Madol Robert (now 13), Santino Majok Robert (14) and Peter Monut Ayiei, child of a neighbour, met two Arab soldiers near their school at breakfast time in February, 1992. 

The soldiers suggested that the three boys should go with them to the railway station for some work and that they will be paid. Hungry, the boys accepted, got onto the military lorry and made their way to the station where they met a number of boys taken there under the same pretext. Top

When the boys asked for the work they went for, they were taken to a different coach and were not allowed to get out of it. A few minutes later,the train started. As they cried for help, the soldiers told them they were being taken "North, where there is peace, food and happiness." 

The train journey ended, for Ngeth's children and the other boy at Nyala, in the house of lshak Ahmed Muhamed, one of the soldiers who took them to Wau railway station. At Nyala Muhamed divided the boys among his relatives to work as houseboys. Top

When Ngeth discovered that her children had been taken by a group of soldiers, she started a two year long search for them. She moved from village to village and from one town to another.

Her search finally took her to the western Sudan town of al-Fashir, where she found her son James and the child of the neighbour, Peter. She found her second child, Santino at Kabkabia. Top

After learning the whereabouts of the boys she contacted the military authorities to facilitate their release. It was not easy for her to go about this, as Muhamed insisted that he should be paid some money for keeping the children. 

However, the military authorities intervened and helped her to claim the three children and to make her way to Khartoum with them. She is now looking at the possibility of going back to Wau." Top