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Beja Congress

The Beja Congress, a signatory to the NDA's 1995 Asmara Declaration, effectively controls a swathe of eastern Sudan centred around Garoura and Hamshkoraib. The leader of the Beja Congress, Amin Shingrai, interviewed in the UAE newspaper al-Khaleej on 20 August, 1996, said his organisation had been fighting the Sudan Government on the eastern border since 1993, and its main target is to get rid of the current regime. The three million Beja tribespeople in the east are 'marginalised', he said, and they refuse to negotiate with the National Islamic Front.
Not well-organised as a fighting force. This does not detract from their ferocity as opponents: the Beja were immortalized a century ago in the verse of Rudyard Kipling as the "Fuzzy-Wuzzy", fearless and worthy enemies of the British, who fought with spears against machine guns.