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In the United States, a bipartisan congressional human rights caucus in July 1996 heard testimony on the issue. 
"A representative for the exiled Sudan Human Rights Organization (SHRO) told the committee that as many as ten thousand slaves are being held under government control. Mahjoub cl-Tigani said there is a tradition of slavery between Sudanese Arabs in the north and ethnic groups in the south. He says when these groups would fight they would take prisoners and enslave them. But SHRO accuses the National Islamic Front government of escalating slavery as part of its tactics against rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). 

US congressman Donald Payne, head of the Congressional Black Caucus, was reported to he preparing to introduce legislation calling for economic and arms embargoes against Sudan. He is also said to want United Nations and US human rights monitors stationed in the country." (Voice of America July 1996) Top

Uganda alleged in February 1995 that Sudan was "aiding and directly involved in the abduction of children for sale into slavery", according to foreign minister Owiny Dollo. Brigadier Sherif Ali, the Ugandan northern region commander, said 1 10 children had been kidnapped in recent months by rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army. The foreign minister said they were taken across the border to Sudan where they were exchanged for weapons, and that the Ugandan government had raised the matter with the Sudanese authorities.Top