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Reuter's news agency reported on 1 1 July 1996 that the Sudanese government 'is investigating allegations that slavery exists in the Nuba Mountains 'It said it was willing to help international groups who wanted to join the search. 

'The United Nations General Assembly in 1995 called on the government of the huge east African country to investigate allegations of slavery and similar practices. 

The Sudanese Ministry of External Relations said in a statement it was "deeply concerned" about the allegations and that Sudan was committed to eradicating slavery in line with international agreements and conventions. 

"The Sudan strongly condeinns such practices in all their forms and manifestations, wherever they exist, as being inhuman and degrading. It is willing at all times to exert its utmost effort to stop these practices," the statement said. Top

"The investigation committee is currently touring the Nuba Mountains and the neighboring areas to conduct site investigation of those allegations," it added. 
The ministry said it was ready to provide logistical support to national, regional and international organizations and diplomats accredited to Sudan who would like to join the investigation. - Reuter 11 July 1996 

Notwithstanding grudging Sudan government acceptance that there might be a need for international assistance to investigate slavery, it continues to claim that it is all due to the West's antagonism towards Islam.Top